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Meet our community-run partners!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Are you looking for some inspiration or support in the lead up to event day? We have you covered! Meet two of Wellington's community-run champions, Eve Southan from Life In Motion and Ben Edusei, Lululemon Run Ambassador.


Meet Eve Southan

Meet Eve, Head Run Coach at Life In Motion and Jem, her four legged running companion. With a passion for helping runners be strong and confident Eve has created a supportive and effective online Run Club, delivering running specific strength workouts to runners all over New Zealand. Alongside the online community you can find Eve and Jem out on the trails Sunday mornings guiding runners on fun and social running adventures. Her Sunday group run all over Wellington exploring the trails, followed by coffee of course!

Although a regular gym user, Eve only started running back in 2014. She faced many challenges with injuries and at one point was told by a physio perhaps running wasn't for her. Not satisfied with giving up, Eve used her Exercise Science education to develop a running specific training program, designed to help runners reduce injuries and run strong.

Fast forward to 2021 and Eve has ticked off a bunch of ultra marathons and now enjoys regularly running around on Wellington's epic trails. Her online Run Club workouts are a key part of her training and are used by hundreds of runners each week.

Eve will be running the MAS 6.5km Fun Run/Walk event at the Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays, and has put together a 0 - 6.5km plan for anyone wanting to complete that distance. The plan is perfect for runners just starting out, with 10 weeks of training to get you to the startline.

You can find out more about Life In Motion Run Club here: Connect with Eve on socials @lifeinmotioneve and get in contact on email if you would like to join in on the Sunday run adventures or have any running questions.


Meet Ben Edusei

Meet Ben, Lululemon Run Ambassdor, Community Run Coach and Health and Wellbeing professional. Ben has worked many years inthe health and fitness industry supporting people to understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle with none of the fluff. You can find Ben at SWET personal training throughout the week or on a Sunday with 'The Run Club' - a friendly bunch of misfits wanting to hit the pavement (or a trail) as a group.

Ben, has always had a passion for fitness founded in his love for football, but running wasn't always on his radar. Only in recent years has he found his passion in running and all the components that come with it! Ben has learnt many lessons on his running journey; most importantly to take care of the body and 'build strength from the ground up'. You can find some simple but effective mobility training clips on his Instagram @benedusei.

Another reason Ben is committed to his running community is he realises the importance of movement to support mental health and physical wellbeing. From losing several male role models early in his life, he has become an advocate for Men's Health and Mental Health. In November of 2021, Ben participated in [Mo]re than a run, raising $3,235 by running 524km!

At Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays 2022 Ben is taking on the Bluebridge 10km and aiming for a record time. If you're keen to join him leading in preparation for the event contact him about 'The Run Club' or enquire about personalised run plans, email him at


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