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Waitangi Park Confirmed as New Start Line for BFSRTB 2023

Due to the Frank Kitts Park playground development, the Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays will have a new start line location for 2023. We’re excited to confirm that next year we’ll be starting from Waitangi Park!

What does this mean for our course? With Waitangi Park being positioned closer to Kilbirnie Park we’ll be making changes to our course for the next year. The Havana 10km and Go Media Half Marathon turnaround points will be extended out to make up the distance, whilst the MAS Fun Run/Walk, PAK’nSAVE Buggy Walk and our Fiji Airways Active Families categories will be reduced slightly down to 5.5km.

We’re looking forward to sharing more details on our Waitangi Park layout and our updated course, so stay tuned. Check out the new course map below!

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