The event refund policy can be found in our full terms and conditions which can be viewed here.

The sections which refer to refunds are:

Section 4.
Due to the risk and evolving nature of Covid-19, participation in the Event will be subject to any New Zealand Government health guidelines and laws. I understand that to participate in the 2022 event I must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19, having received two shots. I understand that I will need to provide proof of my vaccination before receiving my race bib. Nuku Ora may put in place additional restrictions and requirements for all Participants should the New Zealand Government impose restrictions on event attendance as part of its ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I acknowledge that if I do not comply with such additional restrictions and requirements (and I am not eligible for an exemption to such requirements), I will not be able to participate in the event but I will have the option of transferring my registration to another person who is able to comply.


Section 16.
I understand that if I am based in a region outside of Greater Wellington within 5 days of the Event (or such greater number of days as determined by Nuku Ora in its sole discretion) that is under New Zealand Government Alert Level 2 restrictions or higher (or any equivalent category in a system put in place by the New Zealand Government), I will not be permitted to participate in the Event and I may receive a 75% refund of the entry price or transfer my entry registration to the 2023 Event.


Section 27.
I understand that a partial refund of 25% of the Event entry fee is available until 1st January 2022 upon receipt of a refund request. No refunds will be issued after this date without supplying a current medical certificate.

28. Refunds may, at Nuku Ora’s discretion, be made prior to 5:00pm (NZT) Monday 31st January 2022, where participation in the Event is not appropriate due to a medical reason that is supported by a current medical certificate outlining the condition. This refund will be for the Event entry fee only and will not be made for any additional items purchased, such as Event merchandise or charitable donations 

Section 41.
If the Event is cancelled, in the case of an alternative delivery format, or if Participants are eligible pursuant to clause 4, Participants will be entitled to receive a refunded percentage of their Event entry fee determined by the date of cancellation as follows:

-  If the Event is cancelled between 21st October 2021 and 31st December 2021, Participants will receive a 50% refund of their Event entry fee less any application transaction or credit card fees.

-  If the Event is cancelled between 1st January 2022 and 20th February 2022, Participants will receive a 25% refund of their Event entry fee less any application transaction or credit card fees.

For the avoidance of doubt, no refunds will be made for any additional items purchases, such as Event merchandise or charitable donations.


Section 42.
The remaining non-refunded amount will be retained to cover reasonable administration and cancellation costs. No other refund will be given except in line with our refund terms as stipulated in clause 28. This includes if the participant is feeling unwell and follows New Zealand Ministry of Health advice to stay home.


All refunds will be processed within 21 working days from the date of cancellation.


If you have further questions please contact us via our contact form.