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Get out and train in your backyard!

Let birdsong be your soundtrack and the breeze through native bush cool you down while training for Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays. With 32km of trails, Zealandia ecosanctuary has heaps of well-maintained tracks to run on.

It can be hilly terrain, but the strength training will give you an extra fitness boost on the big day! Your hard work will be rewarded with stunning views and wildlife sightings along the way. This is a forest environment so wear proper footwear with a good grip. Check out the trails the team at Zealandia have mapped out for you below!

Image credit from left to right: Melissa Boardman, Eeva-Katri Kumpula and Eeva-Katri Kumpula

Level: Beginner to Experienced

Distance: Up to 32km

Type: Well-maintained track with some hills

Blue route: 6-7km loop

  1. Entrance to Valley View Track

  2. Follow Valley View Track all the way around to turn left on to Fantail Track

  3. Turn right onto Pylon Track\

  4. Turn left onto Round the Lake Track

  5. Turn right onto Right onto Round the Lake Track

  6. Follow Round the Lake Track down to Lake Road

Pink route: add Fuchsia Track +2km

  1. Follow blue route

  2. Round the Lake Track to Rock Dam Track turn left

  3. Follow the Rock Dam Track up to the Discovery Area and find the Fuchsia Loop Track

  4. Follow Fuchsia Loop Track back to Discovery Area

  5. Take the tracks back down to Lake Road

Black route: add Perimeter Track +5.5km (hard!)

  1. Follow blue route

  2. Turn left off Fantail Track onto Pylon Track

  3. Turn right onto Perimeter Track and stick to the fence line until Fuchsia Loop Track

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