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Push your team & WIN!

We love to use prizes as a way to keep you motivated! Here's one for the TEAM entries....

Prize 1: The ones with 40+

Thanks to Kāpura we have a $500 Kāpura voucher to giveaway to a team who has entered 40 or more people in their crew! We know there's are a few of you sitting in the 30's so it's about time to put out a final message for recruitment. * Participants do not need to be in the same category.

Prize 2: The longest team distance

Thanks to Wellington Indoor Sports, along with our friends at Kāpura we have a Double Team Pass to Bubble Soccer and a $200 Kāpura voucher for the team who goes the longest distance on race day! The Bubble Soccer session can take up to 24 people. Put the message out now and see who's keen to stretch themselves a little bit more on race day to a 10km or Half Marathon distance! * Longest distance is totalled for the team and is not dependent on number of participants.

Prize 3: The best dressed

Thanks to Ben & Jerry's, along with our friends at Kāpura we have two delicious Ice Cream cakes and a $200 Kāpura voucher for the team who we pick as best dress dressed on event day! It can be colourful, it can be themed, it can be whatever you like! Our team will be looking out for something that makes us smile on race day (just like how Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream does!). Start the conversation with your team to think how you can stand out!

The Nuku Ora team will contact the team captains of the prize winners following their race.



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